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타입 : FC-0A, 주문번호 : SF08BAA-H01

코일값 : 100-110V, 50Hz



Magnetic contactors FC series


FUJI FC series contactors are designed for use in consumer products and light industrial machinery and equipment. They are recommended for applications which call for economy, easy handling and reliability.
Typical applications include air conditioners, show cases, industrial washing machines, heaters, pumps, fans, compressors, dryers and vending machines. They are available in sizes ranging from FC-0UL to 4UL and up to 30kW at 440 Volts AC.

• Small size, light weight
• Budget priced
• Long service life Electrical life expectancy: 250,000 operations. Good for 7 years service if they are operated 100 times a day.
• Scrubbing action
The contacts are self-cleaning by a scrubbing action during operation and are made of a silver alloy.
• Highly reliable operating coil Pick-up voltage 75% of rated voltage
• Self-lifting terminals Easy to wire