CR2LS20 휴즈 판매 – ( 250V, 20A )

아이지 인터내셔날은 후지 ( Fuji ) 가 생산하는 휴즈 제품을 저렴한 가격으로 판매하고 있습니다.

이번 포스트에서는 CR2LS20 퓨즈를 소개합니다. 용량은 250V, 20A 입니다.

제품 이미지



The FUJI BLC, CR and CS types are extremely reliable fuses which have been specially developed to provide protection for silicon diodes and thyristors and are suitable for inverters using semiconductors or transformersrectifiers. FUJI Super Rapid Fuses are designed with a very small total I2t value which gives them a high speed interrupting action in the face of abnormal currents.


제품 특징

1. The total clearing I2t is small and the semiconductor circuit is completely protected.

2. Since the peak arc voltage at the time of interruption is low damage to other equipment does not occur.


일반적인 적용


기타 제품군

CR2LS-10, CR2LS10, CR2LS20
CR2LS-30, CR2LS30
CR2LS-50, CR2LS50
CR2LS-75, CR2LS75
CR2LS-100, CR2LS100

[ CR2LS-20 Fuse ]


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